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Do you need offsite monitoring of your system? Whatever the system Control Systems can integrate and monitor it.

Does your Fire Alarm system need to be connected directly to Fire and Emergency New Zealand? Does your Lift need to be connected to a 24hr call centre? Do you want to know when your Fire Alarm activates when no-one is in the building? All this and more is possible with Control Systems monitoring!

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Full Electronic Security Service

Control Systems now offers a full Electronic Security service. For any of its existing commercial customers or any new customers happy to engage us as a whole of business provider (from design and consultancy to installation and maintenance). This means you have one point of contact to ensure you get a consistent high standard, and advice that encompasses the relevant systems across the board. If it’s intruder detection, CCTV, visitor management or to access control – whatever your system, whatever your needs, give Nigel a call today to discuss.

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Have you got a faulty socket in your office or a 3-phase Lathe to move in the workshop? Control Systems can handle it. Heatpump to connect or gantry crane that’s stopped working, Control Systems can handle it.

Specialising in commercial electrical, Nigel has 20+ years involved in the electrical trade with extensive experience in commercial electrical. He also is experienced in Emergency Lighting systems installation, maintenance and certification. Control Systems combines the testing, maintenance and inspection of Emergency Lighting Systems with Fire Alarms concurrently.

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IP Phone Systems (Cloud Based)

A lot has changed in the telecommunications industry over the past 3-5 years, with faster internet speeds and the advance of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). This has been a game changer for businesses, reducing connection costs dramatically and call costs per minute have seen an even bigger cost reduction!

Nigel’s background in this field extends back as far as his father. Dave, Nigel’s father started in the telecommunications industry in the 1970’s and he went from there. During the first 5 years of Nigel’s career he spent a large proportion of his time being trained on the old style PABX systems and as technology marches on in both telecommunications and security industries Nigel undertook additional training to bridge the gap between Analogue and VoIP. If you need a great business upgrade, fully featured VoIP solution, don’t delay, call Nigel now!

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Structured Cabling (Data or Network Cabling)

Confused by the difference between Cat5e and Cat6A? What you need? What is on the horizon and how can I future-proof my investment in my hard-wired network? What backbone do I need – Fibre or Wireless? Do I need Fibre? Isn’t Fibre expensive? All these can be answered by one phone call or email.

What additional systems can be designed into my network to maximise the benefit to me? Will having my Security System or my CCTV system on my network affect its performance? Nigel has extensive background installing structured cabling systems for large and small businesses. If your premise is a small office or a multi-building campus we can design and install a cabling system that suits your needs.

Control Systems can work with you, as an independent advisor, from design of the cabling network or network upgrade through to the tender process. We can also manage the contractors you choose throughout the project – ensuring you get a high quality product from a reputable vendor, installed by a qualified and certified installer with an extensive free warranty to protect your hard-earned investment! We’ll work together to develop a road-map that suits your needs and budget and you choose how much input you need from us.

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