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Foam Fire Extinguishers being phased out

AFFF (Foam) Extinguishers are now being phased out!
Don’t wait to act, contact us now and we can help you act now and avoid any costly cleanup!
In December 2022 the EPA released tougher restrictions on the use of firefighting foams. If you have any Foam Extinguishers (identified by a Blue banner around the Extinguisher – Or Beige with the word Foam) these can be left in service until December 2025. The one condition is that, if used, you are responsible for containing the spillage and remediating the ground after clean up.
Don’t be caught by the offer of ‘Eco-Foam’. Extinguishers must comply with the manufacturer’s data sheets and any replacement of items that are not like for like make them non-compliant without the manufacturers approval!
Images from ABC forum 02/2023

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